Improvisation 101 (taster)

This is a shorter version of our beginnersImprov 1 class, and covers only the first 4 weeks of lessons. If you’d like the full 9 week version, then head on over to Improv 1.

This short taster is for those who aren’t sure what improv is all about or are very time poor. If you love it (you will!), then you can continue on for the full 9 weeks by taking our extension class. We recommend the full 9 weeks so you get the full experience and can bond with your classmates, but it’s also a bit cheaper than taking two shorter classes!

We introduce improvisation, confidence skills, storytelling and comedy, presentation skills, and the beginnings of improv comedy. All in a fun, stress-free, and practical environment. Our class is designed for first-timers of all ages, from the reserved to the outgoing. (No experienced improvisers allowed! No natural talent required!)

Uncover the inner workings of improvisation and spontaneity, unlocking skills you never knew you had. Gain confidence, adaptability, improved listening and communication skills, and a positive, proactive approach to the unknown. Reconnect with the joy of childhood, taking home games and techniques to boost the confidence and abilities of your children, family, and friends.

This class is exclusive to AOI. No other school simplifies improvisation for newcomers like we do. It’s no surprise when our principal literally wrote the book on improvisation. Join us and embark on a transformative journey into the world of improv!