Improv classes in Sydney pictureOur improv classes on Sydney’s north shore, inner west and online, are for everyone, young or old, quiet or confident. We run all sorts of weekly classes for being more creative, confident and outgoing, improving presenting, for learning improv comedy, for writing comedy, or for an eventual career in comedy. We even published a book on it!

Experienced improvisors should see our join us page. Beginners keep on reading!

Improv 1

Start with our fun and groundbreaking 9 week Improv 1 class. It’s a fun weekly improv class that introduces improv, improvisation, and a range of new skills for life, work and play. You’ll be more creative, confident, outgoing and fun, be more confident with presenting and public speaking, and all with exercises you can take away for yourself, family and friends. Plus, you’ll make new friends.

Improvisation 101

Time poor or not sure what improv is? Improvisation 101 is just the first 4 weeks of Improv 1. But be warned, you’ll have too much fun, meet new friends, and wish you’d taken the full 9 weeks.

Improvisation 101 Extension

You took our shorter Improvisation 101 and loved it, but now want to do more. No problem! Our Improvisation 101 Extension class gives you the other 5 weeks of Improv 1. Taking Improvisation 101 and then Improvisation 101 Extension is slightly more costly than just taking the 9 week Improv 1.

Improv & Impro (Improv 2-11)

This is our core curriculum, taking you from no-experience beginner, through to a well rounded improvisor in life and optionally on-stage.

Start with our 9 week Improv 1, to learn the foundations of improvisation, spontaneity, ideation, storytelling and how it all works, along with the beginnings of acting, performance, theatre and improv comedy skills.

From there you progress through our level programme starting with Improv 2, then on through to Improv 11. You’ll have opportunities to optionally perform for family and friends at each level so you can show them your new skills and abilities, and by the end of Improv 11 you’ll have all the skills you need for improvising in life or devising and improvising comedy in public theatre performances and comedy festivals.

Students who have completed Improv 4 or above and are still taking classes, may at the same time also retake any earlier lessons or classes at no cost, so long as there are places available.

Taking to the stage

If you take enough classes, you may be interested in performing on stage. Our improv programme makes us unique amongst most improv schools worldwide. We don’t just teach improv. We produce well rounded theatrical and comedic improvisors in all the main improv methods.

Sketch Comedy Writing

More into writing? Our sketch comedy writing classes are based on Second City and UCB techniques used in writing for TV, film and the stage. We were the first in Australia to run these types of classes, and we still do it better than anyone else.

Impro for Teens

Our Impro for Teens class is a beginners class for teenagers. Teens will learn the basic concepts of improvisation and acting skills. If they’ve never acted or written comedy, then give us 8 weeks and we’ll change all that. They’ll be more creative, more outgoing, more dramatic (in a positive way), and more confident. And if they’re taking drama at school, then this class will give them a huge advantage with acting, improvisation and group work skills.

Read one of our blog posts on Children and improvisation.

Gift Certificates

Giving improv classes to a friend is pretty cool, and they’ll thank you for it forever. Just book the class with us, download our printable gift certificate and fill in their details. They’ll have so much fun, they just may book you one in return!