Improv classes in Sydney pictureOur improv classes on Sydney’s north shore and inner west are for everyone, young or old, quiet or confident. We run all sorts of weekly classes for being more creative, confident and outgoing, for learning improv comedy, for writing comedy, or for an eventual career in comedy.

Improvisation 101

Start with our unique Improvisation 101. They’re fun weekly improv classes that introduce improvisation and our school’s improv philosophy. You’ll be more creative, confident, outgoing and fun, with exercises you can take away for yourself, family and friends.

Theatrical improv (comedy)

This is our core curriculum. Start with Theatrical Improv 1, where you’ll learn to improvise scenes, and learn the basics of acting and comedy. Anyone can learn how, and it’s lots of fun like all our other workshops. You can repeat this class as many times as you wish, for free — so long as there are places available.

If you want to go all the way to the stage, then continue with our Theatrical Improv 2 then on through to Theatrical Improv 7. You’ll have opportunities to perform for family and friends from term one, and you’ll have all skills for improvising comedy in public theatre performances and comedy festivals.

Sketch Comedy Writing

More into writing? Our sketch comedy writing classes are based on Second City and UCB techniques used in writing for TV, film and the stage. We were the first in Australia to run these types of classes, and we still do it better than anyone else.

Impro for Teens

Our Impro for Teens class is a beginners class for teenagers. Teens will learn the basic concepts of improvisation and acting skills. If they’ve never acted or written comedy, then give us 8 weeks and we’ll change all that. They’ll be more creative, more outgoing, more dramatic (in a positive way), and more confident. And if they’re taking drama at school, then this class will give them a huge advantage with acting, improvisation and group work skills.

Read one of our blog posts on Children and improvisation.

School Workshops & Coaching

We also teach and coach impro in schools, and fully endorse and support Impro Australia’s Theatresports in Schools programme. Give us a term or two with your school team, and they’ll kick arse in Impro Australia’s programme. Can we say that? Oops we just did. Contact us for more information.

Gift Certificates

Giving improv classes to a friend is pretty cool, and they’ll thank you for it forever. Just book the class with us, download our printable gift certificate and fill in their details. They’ll have so much fun, they just may book you one in return!