Improv 4

This is the fourth class of weekly lessons in our core curriculum for learning improv comedy and theatrical improvisation, delivered as an 8 week face to face class or 9 week online Zoom meeting. This class includes:

  • The introduction of and transition to Chicago method improv.
  • More work on personal storytelling, ideation and their presentation.
  • More work on acting, listening and responding to people in the moment.
  • An optional end of class performance at one of our regular shows, for family and friends. (completely optional, you don’t have to perform if you don’t want to)
  • Personalised notes and feedback for each student.

By the end of this class, you’ll be better able to think on your feet, be more confident in social situations, be more understanding and more engaging with other people and be more positive and be less fearful in front of others. You’ll be able to perform more engaging and funnier improv scenes based on themes and personal stories, see ideas and stories from different perspectives, and will be more productive with the unknown.

You must have already completed our Improv 2 class. You do not need to complete Improv 3 before continuing to Improv 4, however we strongly recommend it.