We’re COVID Safe!Academy of Improvisation (AOI) is a NSW government registered COVID Safe business, and the health safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. We expect classes to return late January 2022, depending on state of the ongoing pandemic. COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Improv Scholarships

We have a dream that everyone should have the opportunity — if not be required — to learn improvisation, regardless of age, social or financial status or any other reason, and that everyone should benefit from those skills both in life and on stage. Until governments adapt their school curricula however, we continue to support this dream ourselves, passionately and financially.

We offer two unique improv scholarship programmes: A General Scholarship programme; and since early 2020 we’ve introduced a COVID-19 Scholarship programme. Scholarships are provided for various reasons at our discretion, and are kept completely confidential between the school and the student. There are always current improvisation scholars working their way through our programmes.

General Scholarship

General Scholarship recipients are those we feel would greatly benefit from our training programmes: but are unwilling to take a class, are unable to pay for a class, or would increase access and diversity within the arts.

General Scholarships range from discounts for individual classes, through to fully paid progression through all of our programmes. Each Scholar’s status in the programme is assessed on an ongoing basis, with strict minimum attendance criteria and other requirements.

We don’t take formal applications for General Scholarships, but we do respond to contact from or regarding potential recipients, and we are are always actively looking for people who we’d like to sponsor.

COVID-19 Scholarship

The COVID-19 Scholarship programme sponsors those who have lost their job or are experiencing financial hardship or health related issues due to COVID-19, and who are not being supported by a government provided COVID-19 relief programme.

Applicants may apply for this scholarship by contacting us with the following information:

  • The applicant’s name, address, email and phone number.
  • The applicant’s job title and company before they lost their job.
  • The reason for losing the job or for their financial hardship.

We will then follow up directly requesting any relevant health information, and often paperwork or URLs for verification.

Successful applicants will be chosen at our discretion.