Improv 1 (beginners)

This 9 week class is the beginning of our improv programme.

As a complete beginner, you’ll be introduced to how improvisation works, how to be more spontaneous and confident in the moment, be better at public speaking, storytelling and being creative, and the beginnings of improv. It’s like a big taster of things to come, but is also an end in itself, with many take away tools and skills.

At the end of this class, you can continue with our core curriculum of Improv 2 through 11.

This class is unique to AOI. No other school simplifies improvisation for newcomers like we do. Which is not surprising when our principal literally wrote the book on how improvisation works.

This class consists of our 4 week Improvisation 101 and 5 week Improvisation 101 Extension classes, but as a slightly cheaper package deal.