Improv 9

This is the ninth class of weekly lessons in our core curriculum for learning improv comedy and theatrical improvisation, delivered as an 8 week face to face class or 9 week online Zoom meeting. This class includes:

  • Classic and Advanced Harold work.
  • More on group mind, group dynamics and team bonding.
  • More on acting, comedy, production and rehearsal skills.
  • More on themic and pattern based ideation and creativity.
  • Introduction to solo improv.
  • An optional end of class performance at one of our regular shows.
  • Personalised notes and feedback.

By the end of this class, you’ll be able to perform classic and advanced Harold techniques and the beginnings of solo improv. You’ll be better able to think on your feet and spontaneously develop meaningful and engaging stories and comedy in the moment, based on themic connections and patterns.

You must have already completed our Improv 8 class.