Improv 3

This is the third class of weekly lessons in our core curriculum for learning improv comedy and theatrical improvisation, delivered as an 8 week face to face class or 9 week online Zoom meeting. This class includes:

  • Continuing study of Keith Johnstone’s Impro method.
  • More theatre games and scenework.
  • Building a show performance.
  • More advanced improvisation skills.
  • More work on acting, comedy and theatre directing, production and rehearsal skills.
  • An optional end of class performance at one of our regular shows.
  • Personalised notes and feedback.

By the end of this class, students will have much more improved confidence, ability to think on their feet, be in the moment/present and more comfortable in social and presenting situations. They will also be able to perform and direct funny and engaging short impro scenes, including any non—AOI shows which may be open to them.

Note that our Improv 3 class is currently unavailable. Improv 3 is an extension to Improv 2 and is not required for Improv 4. If you’ve just completed Improv 2, then congratulations, you can now move on to Improv 4 instead!