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If you’ve learned improv elsewhere, then you’ve trained in either Keith Johnstone’s Impro, the Chicago method, or at a school which mixes both of them together as if they were one. In Sydney there are all three types of schools, and you may not even know that there are different methods or which method you’ve learned. The latter of these — a mix of methods — is common in Sydney but the most difficult to fix, because it will now be muscle memory. Check our FAQ for more on the differences between methods.

We accept students who already have up to 5 years of improv experience. You can take our classes at the relevant level for your understanding of improv, or you can join a house team depending on how much additional training you may need to focus on a single improv method.

To do this, you’ll take our Improvisation 101 class to learn the foundations, then you’ll need to take the remaining classes with us that you wouldn’t have taken elsewhere. For example, if you trained in the Chicago method and Harold somewhere else, then you wouldn’t need to do that with us, but you could continue and learn our advanced Chicago techniques which aren’t taught elsewhere, along with our impro theatre games and Keith Johnstone method classes. And vice versa, if you’ve learned Theatresports but not the Chicago method and Harold, then you would take just those classes and then our advanced Chicago classes which aren’t taught anywhere else. If you learned both methods mixed together — for example you learned Harold with Advance/Extend, or finding game with narrative or platform — then you will need to take relevant corrective classes. If you’ve only learned improvisation through acting classes, then the path is a little more complex, so contact us and we’ll take you through it.

So let’s get started. Tell us a bit about your interests and improvisation background so we can figure out which method(s) you’ve learned, and we’ll get in touch about how to get on board. Some schools have an improv audition for this, but we’re more interested in your understanding of the craft than seeing how funny you are. Welcome to AOI!

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