COURSE: Sketch writing and development
WHEN: 6:30-9:30pm, Monday 7 September 2015
LOCATION: Inner west, Sydney, Australia
TEACHER: Tony Starr

The first of it’s kind in Sydney, in this workshop you’ll learn how to develop sketches in the Chicago style, from improvised scenes to the written page. Learn traditional sketch formats such as “Center and Eccentrics”, “Clash of Context” and “Inappropriate Response” along with premise generation tools to help get the juices flowing to create, define, develop and script complete sketches. In addition to the fundamental core concepts, we’ll explore finding the game of the scene, heightening, finding bits, fleshing out character, and writing for the stage.

The workshop will lead by Tony Starr, a writer and improvisor who specializes in both written and improvised sketch, having trained in the Conservatory at Second City and UCB. He has spent many years in the L.A. sketch community and has been featured on Funny or Die, and written for IO West’s “Top Story Weekly”, The Second City’s “Second City This Week”, The Second City Show “Pretty in Pink Slips”, and video sketch team, Sketch Federation.

Some formal improvisation training is preferred, but contact us if unsure.