We’re excited to pre-announce that we’ll be running a long form improvisation course this coming August/September 2013, titled “Inside Long Form Improvisation”, in response to requests by participants in our recent seminars and workshops. It will consist of 8 classes, one night per week for 8 weeks, and includes a public stage performance by the class and ongoing performance opportunities after successfully completing the course.

What will it cover?

Following on from our seminars and workshops, this course will: provide you with a more grounded and holistic approach to long form improvisation;  highlight and experiment with the core principles of the various styles of long form improvisation; identify and help you unlearn conflicting techniques that may be holding you back; and will spend a lot of time actually improvising and perfecting scene work. Whatever your skill level or experience, you will definitely learn something. There will also be the potential for forming an ongoing performance troupe once the course is completed.

The class size will be small by design, and the course will be adapted to the skill levels of the participants. A minimum level of improvisation experience is required, roughly equivalent to the first two levels of Impro Australia’s long form impro course (so go do those now, and tell them I sent you!). This course is not designed to replace or compete with Impro Australia’s long form courses, but to dive deeper into long form techniques, including various Chicago styles and my own long form philosophy. Some acting experience or actor training is preferred, but is not required.

What’s the cost?

The cost of the course will be determined by the class size and rehearsal space availability. i.e. it will be cheap by comparison to other courses of similar length, as the goal is to improve the quality of long form improvisation in Sydney, not to turn a profit.

How do I enrol?

We’re now accepting applications of interest. If you’re interested in the course, just send us a message now, stating why you would like to do it, and your improvisation and acting experience. You’ll go onto a priority list for when the course is locked in with the dates, location and cost. By contacting us now, that doesn’t mean you have to or will be able to do the course, just that you’ll be given priority when it is officially announced.