COURSE: Explore the Form: La Ronde
WHEN: 7-9pm Tuesday evenings 17 March to 28 April 2015 (6 weeks, excluding Easter Tuesday)
LOCATION: Inner west, Sydney, Australia
TEACHER: Pete Lead

This 6 week course will develop your skills in creating characters and relationships with depth, initiating and heightening scenes, and will give you extensive experience experimenting with and performing the La Ronde form. Upon completion, you will have a thorough understanding of the format and will have developed the ability to play deeper and more complex character and relationship focused scenes.

La Ronde is a long form improv performance and training format, and in essence is a study of depth of character and relationship. The form gives actors the opportunity to develop characters in at least two different scenes, and to explore how they respond to different circumstances and relationships. Changes in status, relationship, comfort level and emotion, allow us to see a depth of character development which is not always apparent in standalone short scenes. As a bonus, it’s a form that lets you play without having to think about the meta rules of the form.

A minimum level of acting or improvisation experience is required, roughly equivalent to Impro Australia’s first two course levels or intermediate acting training or experience. Long form experience is preferred but is not required, making this an excellent opportunity for new Theatresports players to experience long form at the same time as adding skills that can also be used in Theatresports.

The class size is small by design, giving participants lots of practical performance and workshop time to fully explore the form.

La Ronde. It’s French for The Round.