David Razowsky is doing a one off return to Sydney in July for 3 very special improvisation workshops. David is one of the top teachers of theatrical improvisation and acting, and is the most experienced Chicago improvisor ever to teach in Sydney. He had a huge impact on Sydney last year, with a number of groups forming around his work, and our long form community greatly improving in quality as a result of it.David Razowsky

For David’s return visit, we’re offering 3 unique inner west evening workshops.

  1. The Beat Goes on. How can two actors play a 40 minute show in one location? Playing scenes indefinitely, and how awareness and presentness keeps a scene intriguing, full, exciting and ongoing, even when you think it’s finished. — Tuesday 21 July 2015
  2. Shape/Gesture/Tempo: Viewpoints Elements in Action. Creating instant characters, dynamics, and scenes without adding anything but your awareness. David is a specialist in using Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints in improvisation. No previous Viewpoints experience is necessary. — Thursday 23 July 2015
  3. Group Scenes Reduced. Scenes of 3 or more characters have special traits beyond traditional 2 character scene work, and is very rarely taught in Sydney or in books on improvisation. This workshop breaks down the art of the 3 person scene, leading to stronger, challenging, surprising and easy long form scenes. — Friday 24 July 2015

Each workshop is 3 hours long, and is strictly limited to 16 people so you get more Dave time. (technically 15 though, because I’ve already bought mine)

The price is $70 INC GST per workshop. We’re also offering two special deals: 2 workshops for $120 INC GST, and all 3 workshops for $170 INC GST.

These will be the only workshops he’ll be doing, and the only opportunity to work with him while he’s here. They will fill very quickly.

If you want to come to these workshops, then apply, or contact Richard Bennett directly. Minimum level of experience is roughly the first few levels of Impro Australia’s courses, or equivalent improvisation in acting experience, but David is pretty flexible. If you’ve done our Inside Long Form Improvisation course then you are uniquely positioned to get the most out of these workshops.

David Razowsky was Artistic Director of Second City LA for many years, and has worked as director, performer and in various consultancy roles with companies such as iO, Annoyance, Steppenwolf, Dreamworks, Whose Line Is It Anyway, and Amsterdam’s Boom Chicago. He was also a staff writer for The Simpsons Comic and The Simpsons Sunday, and of course directed and performed with the Second City main stage (with cast members including Steve Carrel, Stephen Colbert and Jeff Garlin) and Second City touring companies. He’s been called “the guru of improvisation, and an improvisor’s improvisor”, who connects mindfulness with improvisation’s core principals of being in the moment, taking care of your partner, and groundedness. Basically, he rocks, and his CV is way too long.

David Razowsky’s CV

Feel free to send this to anyone else who might be interested. But we recommend only after you’ve booked yourself in first!