Improv 6-7

Welcome to Academy of Improvisation’s improv curriculum.

We no longer accept students from other impro or improv schools into our advanced programmes. There’s now a lot of teachers out there, many without much foundational or theoretical training, or skills as an actual teacher. So it’s no longer possible for us to know exactly what new students may have already learned, and whether they have the necessary training to enter into our curriculum.

For this reason, most of our advanced classes are listed internally and are not on our website.

If you would like register for our extensive improv curriculum, then you can start with either of our 4 week Improvisation 101 or 8 week Improv 1 beginners’ classes.

At the end the first 8 weeks, you’ll have the skills required to begin performing on stage and performing improvised comedy scenes for your family and friends. For every subsequent class of 8 weeks, you’ll produce an opt–in improvised comedy show of increasing quality, highlighting the techniques learned throughout that class.

By the end of Improv 7, you’ll have enough skills and experience in improvisation and acting techniques, to be able to perform improvised comedy in theatres and at festivals throughout the world. Guaranteed, or we will refund the cost of all 7 class levels.

For our core improv curriculum, each term class (1 through 7) is applied for and completed in sequence. You can stop at any time after each class if you’re no longer interested in continuing. If you have something else on for a term or need a break, that’s fine. You can come back a few terms later and continue from where you left off.