Improv 3 drop in lesson (Chatswood – Tuesday 26 March 2024)

$55.00 INC GST

This is a single 2.5 hour drop-in lesson, joining our regular Improv 3 class. Come and join our regular Improv 3 students on what they’re working on this week. Each week includes new improv games and techniques, and may include:

  • Continuing study of Keith Johnstone’s Impro method.
  • More theatre games and scenework.
  • Building a show performance.
  • More intermediate level improvisation skills.
  • More on acting, comedy and theatre directing, production and rehearsal skills.
  • An optional end of class performance at one of our regular shows.
  • Personalised notes and feedback.

You must have some previous improv experience in Keith Johnstone’s techniques or short form improv games — or Contact us to check. AOI students must have completed our Improvisation 101 Extension class, and preferably Improv 2. Location details given after class fee is paid. See Class locations.

Places still available

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