Improvisation 101 (beginners)

This is our awesome 4 week beginners class (5 weeks online) and the start of our core curriculum. There’s no better way to learn improvisation.

We introduce improvisation, confidence skills, storytelling and comedy, presentation skills and the beginnings of improv comedy, in a fun, stress free and practical, class. Completely designed for first timers, young and old, from the quiet ones to the more confident. (no experienced improvisors are allowed!)

You’ll learn how improvisation and spontaneity works and uncover skills you didn’t know you had. You’ll learn how to be more confident, have more fun, be better able to adapt to changing environments and situations, be a better listener and communicator, and to be positive and productive with the unknown. You’ll remember how fun it was to be a child, taking away games and techniques which will improve the confidence and ability of your children, family and friends.

This class is unique to the Academy of Improvisation. No other school simplifies improvisation for newcomers like we do. Which is not surprising when our principal literally wrote the book on how improvisation works.


We’re COVID Safe!Academy of Improvisation is a NSW government registered COVID Safe business, and we operate in accordance with government regulations for protecting our staff and students during the COVID-19 health crisis. Our face to face classes run in COVID Safe registered venues, and we strictly follow our own COVID-19 Safety Plan. We’re open for classes, both online and face to face!