Improv 3

This is the third class in our core curriculum for learning improv comedy and theatrical improvisation. This class includes:

  • Completing study of the core techniques in Keith Johnstone’s impro method.
  • The introduction of and transition to Chicago method improv.
  • More work on acting, comedy and theatre directing, production and rehearsal skills.
  • More work on personal storytelling, ideation and their presentation.
  • An optional graduation class performance for family and friends, combined with other graduating classes.
  • Personalised notes and feedback.

By the end of this class, you’ll be able to perform engaging and funny medium length open improv scenes, based on themes, points of view and personal stories, using either Keith Johnstone’s impro or Chicago method improv, and in front of a live audience. You’ll be better able to think on your feet and spontaneously develop meaningful and engaging stories and comedy in the moment.